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Emmanuel "Vaquero" Navarrete is the current Featherweight WBO World Champion. He's a solid champion but hasnt tried to unify and challenge other champs. Dont get me wrong Isaac Dogboe and "Pitufo" Diaz were top fighters but he has been champ for a while, but hasnt tried to unify in any way. Now i now that he is from Top Rank and the other champs are a different promotion company but imagine a fight between Navarrete v.s Rey Vargas (WBC)or a fight between Navarrete v.s Leo Santa Cruz(WBA). These two fighters that love to go forward throwing punches, it would be a hell of a fight. I think that the problem today in boxing is that sometimes we dont know who the best is, because some champs are to afraid to fight the other champs to unify and see who the best is. And in losing they lose their belt and start to get payed less. More to come in the future, be sure to stay tuned into FIGHT.TV


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