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Is Holyfield Too Old To Fight?

First and foremost, it's a fighters choice and since real deal Holyfield is fighting, he says he's not too old. However after his training highlight video has been making rounds - fight fans have started to wonder. Is Holyfield too old?

He is almost 60. Now when we saw the Mike Tyson training highlights for the Jones Jr bout, Mike looked explosive. His hits landing hard and fast. Evander Holyfield on the other hand, looked slow and sluggish. Maybe it wasn't a highlight reel and just a video of him tired after a 6 hour gym session, but it's still concerning.

Fight fans are coming out of the wood work after hearing about Holyfield replacing De La Hoya in this bout. This was very last minute and we can't help but wonder how long Holyfield has been planning this return from retirement. Has he been waiting for an opportunity to step in the ring and training since maybe watching his old nemesis Tyson start fighting again?

All we can say for certain is Holyfield will be fighting and we hope he gets to relive his glory days while also maintaining his health. Maybe this could set a new standard for retired fighters. Fight.TV wants to know, what do you think about this?


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