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Islam Makhachev defeats Alex Volkanovski in a razor-thin contest at UFC 284

Islam Makhachev won a tightly contested match against Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 284 on Saturday. The reigning lightweight champion came into the fight as the favorite, largely due to his superior wrestling skills. However, it was Makhachev's striking and toughness that helped him edge out Volkanovski in the end.

The fight was a back-and-forth battle, with Makhachev in control for much of the bout but never close to finishing. He fought a smart and controlled fight, using his wrestling to stay safe and his striking to maintain the advantage. In the end, Makhachev won by a thin margin, with scores of 48-47 twice and 49-46.

Volkanovski, the current featherweight champion, was disappointed with the loss. He acknowledged that he could have done more and underestimated Makhachev's striking abilities.

On the other hand, Makhachev proclaimed himself as the best fighter in the world and has a chance to have a long reign as the lightweight champion. Volkanovski, who is likely to return to featherweight, will have his eyes on Makhachev's future fights, eager for a second chance to prove his worth.

Makhachev has struggled with the 155-pound weight limit, and it's likely that his title reign will be short-lived. A move to welterweight is in his future, which will be disappointing as he and Volkanovski have a style that brings the best out of each other.

If this fight was their last in the Octagon, at least fans can be thankful for the nail-biting bout they witnessed.


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