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Israel Adesanya calls Alex Pereira a "special fighter"

UFC star Israel Adesanya recently reflected on his rivalry with Alex Pereira, a journey that has seen them clash multiple times. From kickboxing to mixed martial arts, their paths have intertwined, with Pereira currently holding a 3-1 advantage. However, Adesanya claimed victory in their most recent MMA bout, delivering a knockout blow to Pereira.

Israel Adesanya

In an interview with Demetrious Johnson, Adesanya praised Pereira as a "special fighter" and a "special human being," acknowledging his opponent's achievements in fighting and life. Adesanya expressed gratitude for the lessons learned from their rivalry, stating,

"I’m grateful for those moments because, for me, it taught me so much about myself and where I can go."

Adesanya also addressed the controversial decisions in their previous fights, expressing frustration with how the outcomes were perceived. He recounted feeling confident in his victories, only to have his hand not raised by the judges. Despite the setbacks, Adesanya remained determined to prove himself against Pereira.

For their future, Adesanya expressed reluctance to engage in further rematches, citing his age and limited number of fights left.

He emphasized the importance of fighting for personal growth rather than seeking validation from others. Adesanya hinted at the possibility of another match with Pereira, envisioning a scenario where a victory would prompt discussions of a "best out of seven" series.


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