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Israel Adesanya: “Francis Ngannou will come back to UFC”

According to Israel Adesanya, the UFC needs to make up to Francis Ngannou and believes that he will eventually return to the UFC.

After leaving the UFC, Ngannou joined with the PFL early this year. His PFL debut is anticipated to occur in 2024 as part of the league's pay-per-view debut.

The Cameroonian's time in the UFC ended in a shambles. As a result of the promotion's refusal to satisfy his non-financial demands, his relationship with the top brass, most notably UFC President Dana White, deteriorated.

One of Ngannou's contract requirements was the right to box while signed to a contract with the UFC. According to Dana White, he was reportedly given the most expensive heavyweight contract in UFC history but declined it to explore the market.

One of the greatest names in the UFC right now, Adesanya, believes Ngannou will eventually come back after his current endeavours reach their pinnacle.

"I'm proud of him because his story is very unique, even before he was in the UFC," Adesanya said of Ngannou. "The story's not over yet, everybody needs to chill and just watch...everyone wants to be first...this isn't a guy that just quits.”

“Dana's said some stuff in the past [about women never fighting in the UFC]...look where we are now! I think he'll do what he does and come back, and then they'll pay him what he deserves, what he's earned, because they f***ed him for a long time."


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