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Israel Adesanya Got Knocked Out By This man, and He's Coming To The UFC.

Alex Peirera isn't as widely known as Israel because he's fought for promotions other than the UFC but he's still one of the best pound for pound ranked fighters in the world and in the top of his weightclass.

Alex knocked out Israel in a kickboxing bout in 2017. The only person to ever do so and he may be signing with the UFC soon. This would most certainly be a main card fight and one the fans would love.

Alex Peirera is one hell of a fighter and the UFC spotlight could really showcase him to the rest of the world outside the immediate fight community.

Do you think Peirera should be allowed to challenge Israel on his UFC debut or should he have to climb ranks in the promotion? Who would be a good first MMA fight for Alex Peirera?

Let us know at Fight.TV!


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