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Israel Adesanya may not fight again until 2027


srael Adesanya announced that he will take a long break from MMA. He lost his middleweight title to Sean Strickland by a one-sided decision at UFC 293 in September. It was a stunning upset, and his team wanted a rematch right away. But after staying out of the limelight for a while, Israel Adesanya told a radio station in New Zealand that he will go on a hiatus from fighting.

“I’m not making any excuses. Strickland beat me fair and square that night. He was well prepared, he had a great team behind him. I need some time to take care of myself, and I won’t fight for a long time. I’m not quitting because that’s not me. I know myself. But even if I did, I’m okay,”
Israel Adesanya said to The Rock. “I have nothing else to prove. But I know what I can do and what I can change in my lifestyle to make my body ready for what I need to do. I’m going to heal myself up. You won’t see me fight for a long time.”

Many people thought that Israel Adesanya meant a few months or maybe a year when he said that. But ‘The Last Stylebender’ cleared up those comments and said he will be back in 2027.

“I got so many messages. I woke up and saw so many tags. I’m not dead. I’m not retiring. Just calm the f—k down. I’m alive… 2027. 2027, that’s when I’ll come back. See you then,” Adesanya said to The MacLife.

It seems doubtful that Israel Adesanya will really stay away from MMA for almost three years. He would be 37 in 2027 and it would be hard to fight at a high level after three years off.

Israel Adesanya has a record of 24-3 and has won four of his last seven fights."


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