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Israel Adesanya open to cameo roles in WWE

Despite their differences, mixed martial arts and sports entertainment have always been related, owing to athletes who move between the two.

A number of mixed martial artists have taken the other route in addition to those like Brock Lesnar, who later won the heavyweight title in the UFC, Bobby Lashley, and Dave Bautista who transitioned from professional wrestling to the cage. While Ronda Rousey is likely the most well-known example, that group also includes former UFC fighters Matt Riddle and Shayna Baszler.

More future cross-overs are being discussed as a result of Endeavor's recent acquisition of the world's top pro wrestling organisation and decision to combine the WWE and UFC under one financial roof.

Israel Adesanya responded to major WWE figure Paul Heyman's recent social media post in which he mentioned "The Last Stylebender" in the context of a current storyline-driven statement during a recent interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

"The only thing is, I like to be the author of my own story," Adesanya said. "I'll do a couple cameos. I'll come from under the ring or whatever, just appear... But to be a guy that is in there and then have someone write my story, and I'm this, I'm that; I feel like it's just not my forte. But I'll do a few cameos."

Adesanya had previously hinted that he may make a WWE move "down the track," but he has apparently made the decision to stay out of the other sporting arena for the time being.


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