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Israel Adesanya will channel Floyd Mayweather for Alex Pereira fight

On November 12, the main event of UFC 281 at Madison Square Garden will pit Israel Adesanya vs Alex Pereira. Many predict that this contest will be the middleweight title of the UFC's most difficult test to date. Although Adesanya lost to "Poatan" twice in the past, albeit in kickboxing, the Kiwi is now a far more skilled combatant.

In contrast, Pereira, who had only three UFC fights under his belt, was given a title opportunity against Adesanya. The Brazilian is renowned for having deadly KO power, which he has already proven in his young MMA career.

In his forthcoming fight with Alex Pereira, Israel Adesanya intends to adopt a Floyd Mayweather-like image. Adesanya will attempt to defend his UFC middleweight title against a fighter who has twice defeated him, including the lone knockout loss in The Last Stylebender’s career. Since they last fought, a lot has changed, and their trilogy fight will be a big test for the champion, who has never lost at 185 pounds during his illustrious era as UFC champion.

In preparation for UFC 281, "The Last Stylebender" intends to look up to Floyd Mayweather, who fought Manny Pacquiao in 2015. 'Pacman' was defeated by Mayweather through a unanimous decision in what was undoubtedly the biggest bout of his career.

Later, "Money" claimed that he entered the battle believing it to be the most crucial one for him to win in his entire career. Adesanya recently stated on his YouTube channel, with melancholy music playing in the background, about Mayweather's remarks:

"He [Mayweather] always just thought like, ‘Forget every other fight. If there’s ever a fight I have to win, it’s this one.' I feel that. That’s me right now. If there’s ever a fight, I have to win, it’s this one. That’s why everything is different this camp. There’s no excuses. If there’s ever a fight I have to win, it’s this one.”

Adesanya is certain that his opponent would struggle once sensing the early pace he intends to establish in their next fight, despite the fact that many are dreading the worst for the UFC superstar.

“I honestly think within the first five minutes, even within the first three minutes, the pace that we’re gonna bring he’s not gonna be able to keep that,” Adesanya told AllStar.

“In the first round, you’re gonna see him start to fold, he’s not gonna be able to keep that high pace. I know the kind of pace I can bring. He’s not going to last. If this fight has to go each round, until someone falls. Trust me, I know who’s going stand. I know who’s going to be left standing.”


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