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Jacke Paul vs Tyron Woodley 2 : Paul KNOCKS OUT Woodley and calls outs Diaz and Masvidal

Jack Paul knockout his former and most angry rival, Tyron Woodley, on Saturday night. For the second time in four months, the former UFC champion was left on the canvas with a brilliant one-punch knockout. The fight was originally booked with Tommy Fury. But due to Fury's injury, he would have given up the fight. So Woodley, a former MMA fighter, stepped in after Fury's withdrawal. Paul (4-0) had earlier beaten Woodley (0-1) in a high-profile boxing match in Cleveland earlier this summer. Which was won by Paul's first separate decision. Before defeating Woodley in August, Paul had a knockout victory in the first round against former MMA champion Ben Screen. Tyron Woodley, on the other hand, was trying unsuccessfully to overcome a five-fight losing skid. Woodley suffered four straight losses in his mixed martial arts career inside Octagon. The fight was intense for the first five rounds. Jack Paul was much more active than in the first fight, but Paul took the center of the ring, worked his jaw well, and threw smart hooks at his body. Paul's best moments came through the double job setup, but in the meantime, Paul had some difficulties as his forehead was cut off by an accidental elbow and Woodley took two heavy right hands in a row in the excitement of Tampa. Were for Woodley received a fourth-round warning to break the clutch by throwing Paul on the canvas, perhaps out of frustration. As it passed, those in attendance were frustrated by the lack of action. That all changed with 48 seconds left in the sixth round. Paul then changed everything with a right-handed bomb that knocked Woodley unconscious on the canvas. Paul was overjoyed after the fight, called out more big names, and tried to move on. Paul improved his professional boxing record to 5-0 But Woodley should not be ashamed of what he has done in his career. He was great at one time, only a few people can say about everything he has done in his life. But the six direct losses, the recent horrific knockout at the hands of "Disney Kid", indicate that it is time to take off all kinds of combat gloves. And enjoy your health. Despite Woodley's post-war claim that he wants to fight four more times in 2022, it's time to move on.


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