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Jake Paul agrees to fight Tommy Fury in UK, gives 7 days deadline to accept the contract

Jake Paul has publicly committed to fight Tommy Fury in the United Kingdom in February.

On Twitter, the YouTuber-turned-boxer messaged Fury's promoter, Frank Warren, giving him seven days to react and confirm the match.

Paul's tweet was in response to a video of Tommy Fury's father, trainer John Fury, speaking at the post-fight press conference on Sunday.

Paul sat ringside for Fury's exhibition fight against Rolly Lambert, and the two camps got heated during the fight.

After the battle, John said of Paul and his manager Nakisa Bidarian, 'I led him down, backed him into a corner, and checkmated him, and he's agreed to a February fight.'

'He shook my hand and gave me his word of honor – his manager. It's happening in February. 'I said, 'Listen, if you renege or back out, you'll never live it down in your life. You can't break a man's handshake.'

'Contract's mean nothing to me, but a handshake does. My word – you can build a tower block on it.'He's given me his word, his manager, we fight in February.'

Fury and Paul were set to fight twice, but the former was forced to withdraw on both occasions, the first due to injury and the second due to being barred from traveling to the United States.

Paul had a heated argument with both Tommy and his father, John, following the Love Island star's dismal performance in his short-notice exhibition battle against Lambert.

And the pair, who have repeatedly insulted each other, were at it again, with Paul screaming 'you're f***ing s**t' and 'you've got no d**k' at Fury throughout the display.

Throughout the fight, Fury retaliated by calling his long-term adversary a "b***h" during the third round of their six-round fight. The violent argument between Paul and both Tommy and John Fury began after the bout.

The heat between Fury's and Paul's camp is increasing day by day. And now all the fans want is for these two to face each other in the ring and settle the debate for who the best boxer really is between them.


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