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Jake Paul and Derek Chisora Face Off After Tommy Fury No-Show in Saudi Arabia

YouTube star Jake Paul and heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora faced off at an impromptu staredown in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia after Love Island star Tommy Fury failed to show up for their press conference. Fury was expected to attend the conference ahead of their grudge fight on February 26th but was unable to attend due to "a private and personal matter". Chisora filled in for Fury and had a light-hearted face-off with Paul at the end of the event.

Paul was not pleased with Fury's absence and took shots at his opponent, calling him unprofessional and a flake. He believes Fury is scared and that this fight will show the truth. Paul is coming off an eight-round unanimous decision win over Anderson Silva and holds knockout wins over Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. On the other hand, Fury's bout with Paul marks the first eight-rounder of his boxing career.

Paul believes that the fight will last only three to four rounds, calling Fury spoon-fed and piggybacked off of his brother. He claims that Fury is only in the sport for a paycheck and will not like the sport after the fight. Despite being the A-side of the bout, Paul believes that he has two chips on his shoulder and is out to prove something.

In addition to his comments about Tommy Fury, Jake Paul also had some strong words for heavyweight boxer Derek Chisora, who was in attendance at the press conference in Riyadh. Paul faced off with Chisora in an impromptu staredown, which was light-hearted in nature but still added fuel to the fire between the two fighters.

When asked how long he expected the fight with Fury to last, Paul responded confidently, saying that it would only take three to four rounds. He cited Fury's lack of experience and his opponents' combined record of 20 wins and 200 losses, as well as Fury's seemingly easy path in life and lack of experience in the ring as reasons why the fight wouldn't last long.

Paul also took shots at Fury's relationship with his wife, influencer Molly-Mae Hague, claiming that Fury was only fighting for the money and not because he was a serious fighter. "He's not going to like this sport after I'm done with him," Paul warned.

Despite being the A-side of the bout, Paul believes that he still has something to prove. He has two chips on his shoulder, according to him, and he is ready to show Fury and the world that he is a serious fighter, not just a YouTube personality.

The much-anticipated grudge match between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury is set to take place on February 26 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. With Fury's absence from the press conference and Paul's confident predictions, the stage is set for a highly-entertaining and highly-publicized bout between two of the biggest influencers in the world.

In conclusion, the fight between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury on February 26th promises to be an exciting event filled with trash-talking and anticipation. The absence of Fury at the press conference only added fuel to the fire, with Paul taking shots at his opponent. The world will have to wait until February 26th to see if Paul's predictions come true.


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