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Jake Paul Beats Tyron Woodley By Split Decision

Jake Paul beat Tryon Woodley via split decision with the cards reading (77-75, 75-77, 78-74)

You can tell fight fans really wanted to see get Jake Paul knocked out in this one. Because the sports writers kept talking about how Woodley wouldn't chase Paul or pursue him while he rested on the ropes.

This wasn't a close fight y'all. Jake outscored Tyron fairly well, and Tyron only bested Jake in 2 out of 8 whole rounds. It's nice to see that Jake actually had to put up a fight against someone so far, but he definitely fought a high caliber striker tonight, and won. They met at 190, and this gives less room for haters to say Jake Paul isn't really a fighter.

I have my own opinions about Jake Paul but tonight, he's the victor and we should give it to him. If you have any discourse for Jake keep in mind he's got to challenge himself further. His next opponent could be a real boxer like Tommy Fury. The rest of his "hit list" is questionable but Tommy Fury would definitley be a fight that if Jake were to win would solidify him as a respectable boxer.

What do you think? Who should Jake fight next? Was the fight we all saw tonight worth your PPV dollars? Fight.TV wants to know!


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