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Jake Paul Chooses Nate Diaz Over Tommy Fury Rematch Due to Pay-Per-View Appeal

Jake Paul Chooses Nate Diaz Over Tommy Fury Rematch Due to Pay-Per-View Appeal


Jake Paul's decision to forego an immediate rematch with Tommy Fury, following his first career defeat, has raised eyebrows in the boxing world. The YouTube star-turned-boxer lost a split decision to Fury in February, sparking anticipation for a rematch. However, Paul surprised fans by opting to face MMA icon Nate Diaz instead. In a recent statement, Paul revealed that the choice was motivated by business considerations, asserting that Diaz's immense pay-per-view drawing power made him a more appealing opponent than Fury, who allegedly made unrealistic financial demands. This move exemplifies Paul's focus on maximizing revenue and attracting large audiences for his fights.

The Fury Defeat and Anticipated Rematch:

In their highly anticipated clash in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia, Jake Paul suffered his first professional boxing defeat at the hands of Tommy Fury. Despite a close contest, with Paul even dropping Fury in the final round, the judges awarded the victory to the British fighter by split decision. Given the excitement generated by their initial bout, fans eagerly awaited news of a rematch, assuming it would be a lucrative opportunity for both fighters.

The Business Decision:

Contrary to expectations, Jake Paul surprised the boxing community by choosing to face Nate Diaz instead of immediately seeking a rematch with Fury. Paul attributed this decision to the financial demands made by Fury following his victory. The YouTube star emphasized that Fury's expectations were not aligned with his actual pay-per-view drawing power. Paul candidly stated that if Fury fought this weekend, it would not generate significant viewership. In contrast, Nate Diaz, a respected figure in the MMA world, offered Paul a much larger audience and, consequently, greater financial benefits.

Prioritizing Pay-Per-View Appeal:

Jake Paul's choice to fight Nate Diaz over Tommy Fury underscores his focus on maximizing the pay-per-view appeal of his matches. As a social media personality with a massive following, Paul recognizes the importance of attracting a wide audience to his fights. By selecting Diaz, a well-known MMA icon with a dedicated fan base, Paul ensures that his upcoming match will receive substantial attention and generate significant revenue.

The Desire to Fight Nate Diaz:

Even before the Tommy Fury fight, Jake Paul expressed his desire to face Nate Diaz. Regardless of the outcome against Fury, Paul maintained that Diaz was next on his list. The opportunity to fight Diaz presented itself, and Paul seized it, citing his original plan. This further emphasizes Paul's intention to strategically select opponents who offer both financial gain and heightened visibility.

Considering Future Options:

While the decision to fight Nate Diaz may have disappointed fans hoping for an immediate rematch with Tommy Fury, Jake Paul remains open to future possibilities. He acknowledges that there are always numerous options available and that a rematch with Fury could still happen down the line. Paul's willingness to adapt his plans based on business considerations demonstrates his astute understanding of the boxing landscape and the importance of making lucrative fights happen.


Jake Paul's choice to face Nate Diaz instead of setting up an immediate rematch with Tommy Fury reflects his business-oriented approach to boxing. The desire to maximize pay-per-view drawing power and attract a larger audience has led Paul to prioritize matches with established figures like Diaz. While some fans may have anticipated a Fury rematch, Paul's decision highlights his focus on financial gain and ensuring his fights are widely viewed and financially successful. As he continues to navigate the world of professional boxing, Jake Paul's strategic choices will undoubtedly shape his future in the sport.


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