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Jake Paul Declines Match Against Fighter Joe Riggs!!

Press Release


Jake Paul Declines Bare Knuckle Boxing Match Against Joe Riggs

Phoenix, Arizona 4/15/2024 - In a surprising turn of events, internet sensation turned boxer, Jake Paul, has officially declined a proposed bare-knuckle boxing match against veteran fighter Joe Riggs. The announcement comes after weeks of speculation and negotiations surrounding the potential bout.

Promoters had been keen on arranging a showdown between the YouTube personality and the experienced mixed martial artist, with hopes of capitalizing on the public's interest in crossover fights. However, it seems that Paul has chosen a different path for his boxing career.

"While I have the utmost respect for Joe Riggs and his accomplishments in combat sports, I believe that my focus should remain on traditional boxing," stated Paul in a recent press release. "I am committed to honing my skills in the ring and continuing to prove myself as a legitimate boxer."

Joe Diesel Riggs
Gladiator Joe Riggs

This decision comes after Jake Paul's successful transition from social media star to professional boxer, having faced opponents such as Nate Robinson, and most notably, former UFC fighter Nate Diaz. The latter bout garnered significant attention and showcased Paul's improving boxing abilities.

Look At Jake Paul Sneering @FIGHT.TV
Jake Paul Smiling

In response to Paul's decision, Joe Riggs expressed understanding and disappointment. "I was looking forward to a unique challenge and the chance to test myself against Jake," said Riggs. "However, I respect his decision and wish him the best in his boxing career. Just not on his decision to stage a fight with the elderly Mike Tyson."

Despite the declined offer, both fighters have indicated they see one another on each other's radar.

Joe Diesel Riggs

Fans and combat sports enthusiasts around the world had been eagerly anticipating the proposed bare-knuckle showdown, hoping to witness an unconventional clash between an emerging boxing talent and a battle-hardened MMA veteran.

Jake Paul Mimmicks Conor McGregor
Jake Paul Screams FIGHT.TV

While Jake Paul's decision may come as a surprise to some, it highlights his determination to establish himself as a legitimate boxer within the traditional confines of the sport. As his boxing journey continues, speculation will undoubtedly persist about his next opponent Mike Tyson and the future of his budding boxing career.


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