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Jake Paul extended fight offers to three potential competitors for his February comeback

Jake Paul will send fight offers to three potential opponents today after confirming his return to action in February.

After racing to his first few professional victories in 2020 and 2021, the YouTuber-turned-boxer was sidelined for the rest of this year owing to fight cancellations and other obligations. But he is eager to get back to training regularly and has set his sights on a February return, only four months after his victory over Anderson Silva.

After two postponed meetings in December and August, it appears that Paul is trying to reach an agreement with Tommy Fury to settle their feud in the ring. After an incident in Dubai earlier this month, in which the American served as commentary for his rival's exhibition battle against Rolly Lambert, conversations have been ongoing between the camps ever since.

However, it appears the social media star is now considering alternative choices, as he announced yesterday to his supporters that he will be extending offers to multiple opponents today. To a tweet asking how rich he was compared to other elite boxers like Conor McGregor and Tyson Fury, he responded with a resounding yes.

After pointing out that he is only 25 years old whereas McGregor, Fury, and Canelo Alvarez are all in their 30s, he responded to a press article listing him as one of combat sports' top earners by writing, "Next fight in February." Three possible rivals will be extended offers tomorrow.

Other possibilities for Paul are, at the moment, few and far between given that his next fight is very guaranteed to be against a true professional boxer. Last month, he faced Silva, his first opponent with a boxing record. He won by unanimous decision, although at 47 years old, Silva is well past his peak, which he spent in MMA rather than boxing.

While several of Paul's foes have gone on to pursue boxing careers, only one has gone undefeated after their bout with the American: YouTube star AnEsonGib, who was stopped in a round by Paul, went on to defeat Tayler Holder and Austin McBroom. Plus, he was the only one of his opponents to have any prior boxing experience, having gone 2-0 in "white collar" fights against other social media celebrities.

The 35-year-old Andrew Tate, a former kick-boxing world champion, hasn't competed in years, but the two have been discussing the prospect of a fight. The two are both huge online personalities and seasoned combatants, and they recently went viral for a series of fights they had in Dubai.


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