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Jake Paul failing to deliver?

If you're a fan of the fighting world then you've heard of Jake Paul and his boxing exploits. From fighting opponents such as Tommy Furry to Nate Diaz, he's been doing a fairly well job of bolstering his boxer fighting card. With his fame and popularity on the rise this boxing star has promised to delivery another rousing fight for his next big event, but it appears he may have just been all talk after all.

With the latest press release, Jake Paul was quoted saying "I'm a professional boxer and I want to be world champion, so I need to pursue the path towards greatness against people who have been boxing their whole life." This statement from the fighter was made in addition to his announcement to fight Andre August, a fighter who isn't quite as well known. The fight is set to take place in Orlando Florida on the 15th of December.

Is Jake really using this opportunity to fight a broader category of opponents, or could he be using this as an excuse for his own short comings? While he may have won most of his fights along his journey so far, that lingering defeat from Furry could syill be fresh and heavy on his mind. Stay tuned with us on FIGHT.TV for more updates!


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