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Jake Paul Hounds UFC Fighter Pay

The Problem Child is living up to his nickname in that he brings a lot of controversy and animosity to boxing. Jake Paul has done the opposite of traditionally climbing ranks, and gone straight to prizefights. He seems to try to pick his opponents for his advantage, ones that aren't solely boxers or are smaller than him. Hopefully this is only to raise animosity and build up peoples want to watch him fight. All being channeled to bring more fans to combat sports, raise PPV sales, and ultimately help fighters might be Jakes real plan.

Regardless of what you think about Jake Paul, one thing you should respect about him is his relentless onslaught on UFC fighter pay. UFC fighters are some of the lowest payed athletes in the world compared to the revenue they generate and the % they get paid. UFC fighters are getting somewhere around 10% where Bellator fighters are getting closer to 50%.

Jake Paul in his interview with MMA Fighting said - “They can’t advocate for fighter pay because Dana White will just shunt them, and a lot of the times it’s the same thing with some of these boxing promoters who sign young stars and lock them up into super long contracts. But I see how hard fighting is, I see how hard these fighters work, and the fact that it’s so skewed versus any other sport and it’s the most dangerous sport out of all of them? There needs to be a change there and I’m actually starting to affect Dana White’s business.”

So it's easy to see where he stands. He also made it very clear he wants fighters to get more payouts on their cards. So any fighter on a card with Jake will get a good deal. Regardless what you think about Jake Paul, try to keep in mind that animosity sells fights. If you try to look at the bigger picture, I think you'll see he's a genuine dude who want's to help the sport grow. Now if he'll just fight a boxer in his weight-class!


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