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Jake Paul is hopeful of stopping Nate Diaz inside 4 rounds

Nate Diaz won't be lasting in the ring much long with him , in Jake Paul's opinion.

Definitely not as long as what his rival predicted.

When their fight was made official, Nate Diaz said, "Nate Diaz in round ten."

There’s just one problem with that guarantee.

“It’s an eight-round fight,” Paul had to remind his counterpart of their upcoming August 5 DAZN Pay-Per-View headliner at American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

The pair of iconic longtime rivals will meet at a maximum contracted weight of 185 pounds for their upcoming crossover clash. Diaz will make his boxing debut, though the celebrated mixed martial arts (MMA) athlete from Stockton, California was formally trained in boxing.

But Jake Paul sounded confident when he said that he intends to make quick work of the Stockton native.

“Whatever he wants,” noted Paul. “I’m ready, it’s not going to go that long. I think he’s gonna be sharp for a couple of rounds but there’s nothing he can do to stop me. I’m faster, I’m stronger. I’m the better boxer.

“He’s gonna be coming forward. He doesn’t have head movement. He’s trying to pressure me. He’s gonna get diced up. I see it ending in four rounds or less.”

Diaz doesn’t believe that but he did openly acknowledge the possibility of not prevailing in his first sanctioned boxing match.

“If I lose in the 9th round, that’d be f----- up,” quipped the 38-year-old Diaz. They’ll be like ‘Oh he asked for more rounds.’”


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