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Jake Paul is not interested in boxing Donald Cerrone

Recently UFC veteran Donald Cerrone in an appearance on Brendan Schaub's Thiccc Boy Studio, stated that YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul is a legitimate boxer and that he admires his commitment. The former MMA star made it abundantly obvious that the possible cash prize would be tempting and hard to refuse. He left the door open for a return to combat sport if Jake Paul is interested in an exhibition boxing match.

Jake Paul doesn't seem to be interested in waiting around for a prospective boxing battle against Donald Cerrone too, unfortunately. Jake expressed that he would rather face a young gun instead of challenge retired combat sports icons.

The Problem Child was alerted of Cerrone's remarks and queried regarding them during a recent interview with The Schmo.

“I don’t know, I’m kind of tired of beating these old dudes up like that, you know what I’m saying,”

“I’m just trying to get someone in there who is younger, but they’re all scared. They’re just trying to protect their record.”

Paul just defeated 47-year-old Anderson Silva by a unanimous decision. In Glendale, Arizona, they engaged in an eight-round fight in October of last year. Since switching to professional boxing in 2020, Paul has a 6-0 record. He has faced many well-known MMA competitors and has won by defeating Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley (2), and Silva.

After a disappointing 2022 in which he only stepped into the ring once after attempting to challenge Hasim Rahman Jr. and Tyson Fury but failing, Paul has declared his ambition to compete in three-fight this year. The "Problem Child" has declared his desire to rise to the top of the game and win the title of world champion, but to do so, he will have to compete against boxers who have a natural affinity for the sport.

One of them is Fury, who is still in a prime position to take on Paul in February. According to the promoter of the British fighter, Frank Warren, an agreement between the teams is almost complete.


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