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Jake Paul makes an appearance on WWE Crown Jewel Press Conference

Jake Paul remains one of the biggest names in the professional boxing world. After his brother Logan Paul came to WWE, fans started wondering when Jake would make his appearance. In fact, Jake Paul finally appeared during the WWE Crown Jewel press conference, and it was pure chaos.

The Problem Child was set to appear at WWE Crown Jewel, but he decided to appear just before that. During the press conference, Logan Paul came out on a camel and proceeded to tick off Roman Reigns.

Afterwards, Logan Paul brought out his brother, Jake Paul, and things got even worse afterwards. This included Jake Paul taking a shot at Paul Heyman for doubting him about defeating Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul was pure entrainment, and the Saudi Arabian fans loved it when the Problem Child spoke to them in Arabic to really get on their good side. It was truly a chaotic moment made by the Paul brothers ahead of Logan’s match against Roman Reigns.


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