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Jake Paul Pays MMA Vet More Than Entire Career's Earnings

Anthony Taylor 7-5-0 is on a 5 fight win streak and has been competing in promotions like Bellator since 2015. He's been Jake Pauls sparring partner for the upcoming Woodley fight and has already been paid more than his entire fight career earnings. To which Anthony has said is "Disturbing."

I 100% agree with the guy. A lot of us, I was even guilty of it. Have been really upset about Youtube boy coming into combat sports and skipping the rank climb grind to go straight for near retirees smaller than him. It's created a lot of controversy, brought attention to his fights, sold PPV's, and given him a platform to talk about fighter pay.

Anthony said - "I’m getting paid more money as Jake’s training partner in two months than I made in my whole entire MMA career in six years. I swear to god, I made more money with Jake in two months than my whole MMA career. That’s disturbing when you think about it, because I fought for Bellator. I’ve fought two top five contenders in Bellator and I had a good run. It’s time to take it up a notch and fight for the UFC.”

Which interestingly enough, Bellator pays it's fighters around 40% of what they do in revenue while UFC pays it's fighters closer to 10%. So it's hard to say what Anthony Taylors next best move is you can guarantee he's not gonna keep quiet about fighter compensation after this.


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