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Jake Paul runs away from Floyd Mayweather's crew after they tried to jump him

Jake Paul, a content producer turned boxer, criticized Floyd Mayweather on Twitter, saying that Mayweather was attempting to "jump" him with a group of guys.

Jake Paul has been very active on social media since his defeat to Tommy Fury, giving numerous interviews and posting about his desire to schedule his rematch with Fury as soon as feasible.

Meanwhile, the Problem Child has called out another boxer online, accusing Floyd Mayweather and his staff of teaming up against him, while Jake Paul's attentions appeared to be on Tommy. Jake first criticized Mayweather on Twitter.

He wrote: " “Floyd if you want to fight one-on-one we can do that but don’t try to hop out of three cars 25 dudes deep tryna to jump me while I’m tryna enjoy my Wednesday night.”

Soon after, TMZ posted complete footage of the altercation online. Several members of Mayweather's squad can be seen approaching the younger Paul brother in the brief clip. It didn't take long for Paul to flee the tense situation while one security guard attempts to maintain calm.

It seems unlikely that Jake would already be looking for a fight with Mayweather given that he already has his rematch with Tommy planned as well as his ultimate showdown with KSI. However, the two have a past, as evidenced by the infamous "gotcha hat" incident before Floyd's fight with Logan Paul.


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