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Jake Paul's Coach BJ Flores Says He Will "Demolish" Tommy Fury on Sunday

Jake Paul's coach, BJ Flores, believes that Jake Paul will "demolish" Tommy Fury in their upcoming fight in Saudi Arabia on Sunday. Flores praised Paul's athleticism and higher boxing IQ, claiming that he punches harder and smarter than Fury, who he admits has good hand speed but may struggle with Paul's skills. In a recent interview with Sky Sports News, Flores revealed that there will be new tools and tactics in play that have been developed in training, which he believes will help Paul secure a win.

Flores also stated that Tyson Fury's recent comments about his younger brother have placed added pressure on Tommy. Tyson joked that if his brother loses to Paul, he should consider changing their famous surname. Flores believes that Tyson's comments have put Tommy in a tough spot, but also mentioned that his fighter, Paul, is used to dealing with high-pressure situations and has the skills to handle them.

While there has been speculation about a potential fight between Jake Paul and fellow YouTuber KSI, Flores warns that there is still a long way to go before KSI is ready to face Paul. For now, all eyes are on the upcoming bout between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury, with Flores confident in his fighter's ability to come out on top.


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