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Jake Paul's Opponents Criticized as 'Utter Dog S***' by Michael Bisping!

Jake Paul added another knockout victory to his boxing record in Puerto Rico over the weekend, but not everyone was impressed. Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping criticized Paul's choice of opponents and the way his fights are being promoted.

Michael Bisping

Paul's 10th career boxing match was his second outside of the United States. After facing primarily MMA fighters in his first eight matches, the 27-year-old turned his attention to more boxing-focused opponents. His most recent opponent, Ryan Bourland, suffered a first-round knockout loss, similar to Paul's previous opponent, Andre August.

Bisping, speaking on his YouTube channel, called out what he believes is a "blatant con job" in Paul's matchmaking. He criticized the quality of Paul's opponents, referring to them as "journeyman-type boxers" and questioning the legitimacy of Paul's rise in boxing.

"He's disrespecting the sport of boxing. He's disrespecting all the people that worked their way up, but more importantly, he's conning the fans," Bisping said.

Bisping also took issue with Paul's callout of top pound-for-pound boxer Saul "Canelo" Alvarez, calling it "laughable." He believes that Alvarez would not entertain a fight with Paul, as it would be seen as a "circus sideshow."

Despite the criticism, Paul remains confident in his abilities and has expressed his desire to become a worldwide boxing great like Canelo. However, Bisping and others remain skeptical of Paul's intentions and the way his boxing career is being promoted.


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