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Jake Paul signs with the PFL for a MMA career and offers Nate Diaz a two-fight deal

Jake Paul and Dana White have been tussling around on the agenda of paying the fighter better wages and health services. After months of efforts by the YouTube star and not getting his answers, Jake Paul has officially signed a multi-year deal with PFL for his introduction to the world of MMA along with that he will also help in promoting the organization.

The "Problem Child" will now participate in the new Super Fight division and possess shares in the company along with his business partner Nakisa Bidarian. According to insiders, the new weight class is created for well-known athletes who can attract large crowds to the organization rather than individuals who are only interested in competing for titles.

The Problem Child and his business partner Nakisa Bidarian are the founders of the new division along with that Jake will be serving as "Head of Fighter Advocacy". One of his duties is to use his extensive web presence to promote the company and its individuals. Bidarian, who was once the UFC's chief financial officer, will help the PFL with pay-per-view event logistics.

The Super Fight division has an additional stipulation, according to the NYTimes. According to reports, athletes fighting in the Super Fight division will receive a minimum of 50% of the pay-per-view money, a huge increase over the roughly 20% revenue share received by UFC athletes. ESPN and DAZN will telecast fights under the new division.

In an interview with the Times, Paul said:

“This is about changing MMA, disrupting, innovating, and creating the next big league.”

Jake Paul recently made a two-fight offer to legendary UFC fighter Nate Diaz in footage that was uploaded on his YouTube channel. Following the YouTuber's proposal, the two would first compete in a boxing contest, then, six months later, an MMA battle in the PFL.

Paul revealed in the video that:

"I’m so dedicated to this that I offered Nate Diaz a two-fight deal. First we box. Then six months later, we fight MMA in the PFL SmartCage and lay it all on the line. If that’s not balls, then I don’t know what is. Nate Diaz, I’m down to fight you in your own damn sport. It’s a two-fight deal. Let’s make it happen."

Although the spectators doubted the legitimacy of his boxing career, Jake Paul has geared up his game. It is getting really hard now not to like the guy now. Jake Paul's announcement has been highly praised in the MMA community and it could be a big slap for UFC and Dana White if Jake Paul succeeds in his objectives.


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