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Youtuber turned boxer Jake Paul is the new sensation in the ring. He started his career in 2020 and, since then, never looked back. He won all his career fights!

His quick jabbing and impressive movements allowed him to totally knock four out of his five competitors.

Jake has a strong and long right arm that moves exceptionally fast. He faints high and then rapidly jabs the body. In addition to jabs, Jake is a master of words. He builds up hype and tries to mentally knock out competitors even before reaching the ring.

'Problem Child' is often criticized for having high-end coaches and all the excess essentials. But, in reality, boxing fundamentals of Jake are pretty impressive.

Strong fundamentals don't mean he is at the levels of Canelo Alvarez or Tyson Fury. It won't be wise to compare him with the game's greats. He's a young lad, relatively newer in the town!

Still, he has beaten two former MMA world champions.

Paul's confidence is matchless. Jake backslides his prey to build his worth. With his clever, super-hyped talks and erratic fighting style, he has already occupied Rehman Jr's mind.

That's why, after double withdrawal by Tommy Fury, Jake is ready to face Hashim Rehman Jr— son of famous heavyweight star Hashim Rehman.

This is going to be an exciting encounter as both have a natural dislike between them. Both are knockout specialists; trained by experts.

6th August will unveil the mystery of whether the backsliding and jabbing of Jake win. Or the experience of Hashim Jr will break Jake's winning streak.

Just stay tuned to Fight TV to catch the latest updates.


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