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Jamahal Hill's Achilles Saga: How a Basketball Game Altered the UFC LHW Championship Landscape

Jamahal Hill, the former UFC light heavyweight champion, recently shared the harrowing tale of how he ruptured his Achilles, a moment that led to the unfortunate necessity of relinquishing his coveted title.

Hill recounted the fateful incident during an appearance on Michael Bisping and Anthony Smith's Believe You Me podcast, offering a glimpse into the dramatic turn of events that reshaped the light heavyweight division.

The injury occurred not in the cage, but on a basketball court. Hill, known as 'Sweet Dreams' in the Octagon, was indulging in some hoops when disaster struck. He vividly described the pivotal moment, revealing that he was chasing after the basketball, sprinting alongside middleweight contender Derek Brunson. And then, it happened.

"As soon as I went to go plant on my left foot and spring off it, it just kinda gave. It felt like somebody stepped on the back of my leg, right, so when it happened I just fell over...I think I actually dragged Derek Brunson down with me which actually led me to think that he stepped on my leg...I thought Derek Brunson had ruptured my Achilles," Hill recollected with a mix of surprise and disbelief.

The aftermath of this unexpected incident left Hill with an eerie sensation. He explained the immediate aftermath of the injury, saying,

"When I stood up, I knew something was off...Instantly it was the burning sensation, felt like somebody stepped on the back of my leg, and then it felt like I had a high heel on. Felt like I couldn't get my heel to the ground but my heel was flat to the ground...It was really weird."

This unforeseen injury has not only disrupted Hill's career but has also forced the UFC to make significant changes in the light heavyweight division. With Hill vacating the title, the promotion is now gearing up to crown a new champion. Jiri Prochazka is scheduled to face Alex Pereira for the vacant light heavyweight championship at UFC 295, a bout that will shape the future of the division.


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