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Jamel Herring vs Shakur Stevenson Odds & Prediction (October 23)

From the world of boxing: Say good

bye to 2021 and the biggest event of the year will be on Saturday, October 23, when Jamil Herring defends his WBO Junior Lightweight title against Shakur Stevenson at State Farm Arena, Georgia. Will be back in color. But one question, which of the two talented fighters will win? Shakur Stevenson will be looking for the biggest and most historic victory of his career on October 23. Stevenson's fame soared when he won a silver medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics for the first time. The rise in his rankings has captivated boxing fans around the world. Before becoming a professional next year. Stevenson has an excellent professional record so far, having won all 16 fights in which she has been involved. She has won eight knockouts, including her stunning victory over Felix Carabello in June 2020. Want to keep up with the latest boxing and MMA news? not only keeps you informed about the world of martial arts but also gives you the option of live stream. Where you can watch UFC, MMA and WBC matches live. Meaning now everything will be in one place and also at your fingertips. So subscribe to now. And become part of the global network. Stevenson's biggest win of the year was defeating US rival Toka Khan Cleary. The former WBO Featherweight Champion has stepped into the lightweight division without a hitch, and won his first title in the weight class when Jeremiah Nakathila won the interim WBO Junior Lightweight Gold in June this year. Was defeated. Jamil Herring, on the other hand, certainly has combat experience. His ability is recognized all over the world, as he has been rated the fourth best junior lightweight by The Ring. He has been in dominant form for the last three years, winning seven times. His most recent defeat came in August 2017, when he was defeated by a unanimous decision of Ladarius Miller. However, his current form includes a big win. It will be an interesting match in October between two talented and dangerous fighters. Because the two fighters are alike. The question is how do you see this match? And whose hand would you like to see raised?


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