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Japanese Fight Culture

Japan holds the number 3 spot for most world champion boxers. It's home to some of the biggest fighters in MMA. It's one of the oldest countries in the world, rich in history and culture. It's the birthplace of Jiujitsu, the Samurai, and home to some of the best combat gyms in the world.

Japan has been producing bad ass warriors for thousands of years. It's been occupied for 30,000 years and an official country since 660 BC. The Samurai is world famous for not just their skill as warriors but also their warrior code and value of honor. Their grappling system - Jiujitsu is still one of the best grappling systems in the world. Often referred to as "Human Chess."

Home to Naoye Inoue, Kazuto Ioka, Kosei Tanaka, Tomoki Kameda, are just some to name a few of the most elite boxers in the world, hailing from Japan. Ohashi gym, Teiken Boxing Gym, Tribe Tokyo, Brave Gym, are some of the most elite gyms in the world - found in Japan. So if you're ever looking for somewhere to train or a traveling martial artists, be sure to check out these gyms!

If you go to Japan, be sure to bring an immense amount of respect for the culture that brought us Jiujitsu, Samurai, the #3 country for world champion boxers, amazing delicious food, and rich history. Much can be learned from the Japanese for any martial artists.


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