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Jermall Charlo Loses WBC Belt After Texas Car Crash

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman announced the decision to strip unbeaten middleweight champion Jermall Charlo of his title following a car crash in Texas. The incident, which led to Charlo's arrest on suspicion of driving while intoxicated and other charges, was deemed the final straw after years of criticism regarding Charlo's holding of the belt.

Jermall Charlo

In a conversation, Sulaiman expressed the WBC's decision, stating,

"So the WBC has made the decision, but at the same time we have compassion and still care for [Charlo’s] well-being. When he returns to boxing, we will walk with him, as well."

Charlo's reign as champion had been marred by controversy, including criticism of his opponent selection and a mental health layoff. Despite these challenges, the WBC had been supportive, with Sulaiman emphasizing,

"As I’ve always said, we are always going to give time for our champions – mental health is such a powerful issue in the world, now more than ever."

With Charlo's belt now transferred to Carlos Adames, the Dominican Republic's interim WBC champion, attention turns to Adames' future as the new titleholder. Adames, who has been patient in his wait for a title shot, is expected to make the most of his opportunity as the new champion.

While Charlo's future in boxing remains uncertain, Sulaiman affirmed that efforts are being made to support him in his recovery. The decision to strip him of the title was a difficult one, but ultimately necessary for the integrity of the sport.


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