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Jessica Andrade's Battle Inside and Outside the Octagon

Fighters often face battles both inside and outside the Octagon. Jessica Andrade, known as "Bate Estaca," is a prime example of this duality. In 2023, Andrade has fought an impressive five times, to snap her longest losing streak in her 36-fight MMA career. However, personal issues, particularly a costly divorce, have taken a toll on her both financially and emotionally.

Andrade's year started on a high note as she dominated opponents Cynthia Calvillo, Amanda Lemos, and Lauren Murphy, putting her in contention for another UFC title shot. However, a string of losses to Erin Blanchfield, Yan Xiaonan, and Tatiana Suarez raised questions about her recent performance.

In a candid moment, Andrade explained,

"This year I had my divorce that has taken a lot of my money in paying for lawyers and things here and there, so I ended up taking five fights. It will be over this year, God willing, and I'll be fine. I fought five times in 2023 because of that, because of the divorce. I had to spend a lot of money with lawyers in Brazil; it's too much bureaucracy."

She went on to acknowledge that her struggles may have affected her performance inside the cage.

"Maybe my losses also came because of that, for not being with my head 100 percent during the fight," she admitted.

Despite these setbacks, Andrade remains determined and eager for her upcoming bout against Mackenzie Dern at UFC 295. She believes her hunger for victory sets her apart, saying,

"I'm hungrier than ever. I'm on a different moment in my career that is making me think about the things that are a priority for me."

Andrade has made changes to her training regimen, working with fighters like Tatiana Suarez, who handed her a recent loss. She emphasized her desire to finish the fight before it goes to the judges, aiming for a knockout against Dern.

As she steps into the Octagon once more, Jessica Andrade's story reminds us that fighters are not just warriors inside the cage but individuals dealing with personal struggles and challenges. Her determination to overcome adversity and rediscover her winning ways is a testament to her resilience and tenacity as a fighter.


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