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Jiri Prochazka went 3 days without food in dark room to confront ‘demons,’ train his mind

Jiri Prochazka, the UFC light heavyweight champion, is constantly testing his limits to prepare for his fights by, most recently, spending three days in a dark room to sharpen his mind.

According to Prochazka, who is a huge supporter of meditation, he pushed things a step further by eliminating sensory stimuli and food from the cramped area.

“That’s all in darkness for three days, and there you can work with your demons and train what you want,” said Prochazka, who faces Glover Teixeira in a title rematch at UFC 282. “I don’t want to talk about a lot, because that’s like my personal things.”

The usage of sensory deprivation tanks is widespread; longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan is an outspoken proponent of the technique and owns a chamber. Participants typically spend an hour or so in solitude and total darkness – not days without food and with no sense of time.

“That’s the biggest fun, because you have to go to the point where time is ending, and I can’t speak about that, because it’s so, not intense, for me, these things are so personal … and holy,” Prochazka said.

Prochazka, a fervent adherent of the Bushido code school of martial arts, has embraced unique methods of MMA training, once stating that he chose to strike a tree as his target.

In a sport where superstition and mysticism sometimes combine, sensory deprivation is not the most uncommon tactic. However, Prochazka wears his uniqueness a little bit more overtly.

Prochazka claimed he meditates as part of his regular martial arts training to hone his mind and prepare it for combat. Simply put, the dark makes everything more intense.

“It’s very helpful,” he said. “There is just you and you. No other people. That was my first time when I did that without food, so just with water. It’s much more strong when you’re without food. All the processes in your body is much stronger. Your mind’s working a lot, and you have to die here first.

“And three days, four days, that’s not so much. But I’m using that just to recognize who I am really, and then I can start training and pushing to the next level with truly me, more honestly.”

Prochazka recently cut off his famous "samurai" hair, another representation of his martial heritage that many of his admirers admired. With his new position, he claimed, he had to begin a "new episode" of his life.

The champion wants to recover at UFC 282 after what he calls a career-worst performance, despite winning the title via decision over Teixeira. His UFC belt, whose gold has "a really lovely vibe," However, the additional steps serve as a compliment to the primary task.

Will Jiri Prochzaka be able to defend his belt against Glover Texeira at UFC 282? Let us know in the comments.


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