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Joe Daddy is Back!!!!

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Joe "Daddy" Stevenson still has that fire inside of him and misses fighting. The famous mma star now wants to fight but in a boxing ring. With some mma stars going to boxing he feels he can do better than most even get it as a carreer with less injury and more money to earn. For those of you who dont now who Stevenson is, here is a brief summary. Joe Daddy Stevenson is a retired American mixed martial artist who competed in the UFC, KOTC, and other promotions. He is best known for winning the second season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show and challenging for the UFC lightweight title.

Stevenson began his MMA career in 1999, at the age of 16, and quickly became a dominant fighter in the regional circuit. He won the KOTC lightweight championship in 2003, and defended it four times before joining the UFC in 2005. He also held the Gladiator Challenge welterweight title and fought in various weight classes throughout his career.

Stevenson entered The Ultimate Fighter 2 as one of the most experienced fighters in the show, with a record of 23-6. He defeated Marcus Davis, Josh Neer, and Luke Cummo to win the welterweight tournament and earn a UFC contract. He then dropped to the lightweight division, where he went on a four-fight winning streak, defeating notable opponents such as Melvin Guillard, Yves Edwards, and Kurt Pellegrino.

In 2008, Stevenson got his first and only shot at the UFC lightweight title, against B.J. Penn, who was widely regarded as one of the best fighters in the world. Stevenson put up a valiant effort, but was overwhelmed by Penn’s superior striking and grappling, and lost by rear-naked choke in the second round. The fight was memorable for the amount of blood that spilled from Stevenson’s head, due to a cut caused by Penn’s elbow. No shame really on losing to the best p4p mma fighter of that time, BJ Penn was a real beast. A few years later because of injuries and setbacks he retired from mma but has been trainning and coaching people but that fire and urge to fight always come back. Eric J Herrholz founder of FIGHT.TV and Joe Stevenson are working out a deal to get him back to fight but now in a boxing ring with 10 oz gloves. Many mma fighters are reaching out to FIGHT.TV seeing that Joe "Diésel " Riggs will box on FIGHT.TV next month, so many want to see and participate and work with Eric j Herrholz. Herrholz is sure he can revive Stevenson's carreer and look out for him. I believe with some mma stars coming to boxing are exiting times because it reaches out to boxing and mma fans. I cant wait to see whats left of a hungry Stevenson that wants to fight and give his best. Stay tuned fight fans!


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