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Joe Fournier blasts KSI, Misfits Boxing, plans to appeal ‘disgusting’ knockout call

Internet sensation turned boxer KSI has come out on top in a highly controversial match against Joe Fournier at MF & DAZN: X Series 007 in London. Despite Fournier putting up a valiant fight, KSI managed to secure a knockout victory that left both fans and critics wondering whether the finishing blow was intentional or not.

The fight began with KSI taking an aggressive stance, pressing forward, and peppering Fournier with a barrage of punches. In the first round alone, KSI landed several potent shots, leaving Fournier on the defensive. However, Fournier appeared to be more aggressive at the start of the second round, taking control of the center of the ring and putting KSI on the back foot.

It was at this point that KSI turned the tide with a powerful overhand right that stunned Fournier, followed by what seemed to be an elbow strike that ended the fight in a knockout victory for the 29-year-old. The force of the blow was so intense that it left many fans and critics questioning whether KSI's actions were intentional or not.

Joe Fournier, for his part, has come out to express his disappointment with the outcome, stating that he plans to appeal the knockout loss. In a statement on Instagram, Fournier blasted KSI and the influencer boxing promotion for not ruling the official result a disqualification. He included a picture of the elbow strike that felled him, making it clear that he believes the finishing blow was not a punch but an elbow.

“I knew fighting the promoter there would be every angle in his favor but to call this a KO instead of a disqualification after an intentional elbow is disgusting!!! Fournier wrote on Instagram story . “We will be appealing this decision Monday and I hope both [KSI and Misfits Boxing and Professional Boxing Association] do the right thing and show their integrity to the sport of boxing!!”

The Professional Boxing Association, a third-party sanctioning organization based in the U.K., was in charge of regulating the event. However, they have yet to comment on the controversy surrounding the fight. Similarly, Misfits officials, who organized the event, have also been unavailable for comment.

KSI's victory was not without its drama. After the knockout, KSI confronted Tommy Fury in the ring, nearly touching off a melee as officials intervened. Combat sports veterans and KSI's rival Jake Paul have openly questioned the legitimacy of the knockout victory, calling for the bout to be ruled a no-contest or a disqualification.

Despite the controversy surrounding the match, KSI remains the Misfits Boxing cruiserweight title holder. His victory over Joe Fournier has further cemented his place in the world of boxing, but the controversy surrounding the finishing blow has left a sour taste in the mouths of many fans and critics alike. It remains to be seen whether Fournier's appeal will lead to a change in the official result or whether KSI's victory will stand.


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