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Joe Joyce Discusses Future Plans After First Career Loss To Zhang

Joe Joyce, the British heavyweight Olympic silver medalist, is already looking towards his next fight following a loss to Zhilei Zhang earlier this month. Joyce, who had been in a mandatory position with the WBO, lost to Zhang due to a badly injured right eye and is now considering his options for the future.

In an interview with Sky Sports at the Sports Industry Awards, Joyce explained that he had met with his promoter, Queensberry, to discuss his next steps. "There will be some news coming out soon [about his next fight]," he said.

Joyce has the right to execute an immediate rematch clause against Zhang, but is also considering taking an interim-fight. "There are plenty of options," he said. "It's not the be all and end all [to do the rematch next]."

Despite the loss, Joyce remains optimistic about his future prospects. "I was in that great position and I didn't really need to take that fight but it's something I'd like to avenge and get back in the driving seat and move onto bigger and better fights," he said. "I don't regret taking it, it's just part of the story, I lost my 0 but I'll still continue and be in some great nights."

Joyce also expressed his respect for Zhang, acknowledging that he was a great opponent. "It was a tough fight," he said. "It was very frustrating but one I'd like to avenge, hopefully we'll do it again."

Fans will have to wait to see what Joyce's next move will be, but one thing is certain: the British heavyweight is not going to let one loss define his career.


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