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Joe Rogan Responds to Katt Williams' Podcast Callout, Extends Invitation

UFC commentator Joe Rogan has responded to comedian Katt Williams' recent callout, expressing his willingness to have Williams as a guest on his popular podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE).

Williams, a longtime funnyman, called out Rogan during a guest appearance on 'Club Shay Shay' with NFL legend Shannon Sharpe. Williams remarked that he believed Rogan had not invited him on his podcast due to his comedy style and language.

The clip of Williams' callout quickly went viral on social media, prompting Rogan to address the situation. Taking to 'X,' Rogan captioned the clip and expressed his admiration for Williams, stating,

"I love Katt. He's one of my favorite comics, and I'd love to have him on. We talk about him all the time. If he's down, I'll make it happen."

Rogan's podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience (JRE), is renowned for its wide-ranging discussions with guests from various fields, making it one of the most popular podcasts globally.

As of now, Katt Williams has not responded to Rogan's invitation.

Aside from his stand-up comedy career, Williams is known for his roles in films such as 'Friday After Next,' 'Choices 2,' 'Norbit,' 'First Sunday,' and 'Scary Movie 5.'

The invitation has sparked curiosity among fans, with many wondering if Katt Williams will accept Rogan's offer to appear on the JRE podcast.

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