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Joe Rogan Spills the Beans on the Almost MMA Duel with Wesley Snipes

Joe Rogan is an undeniable fixture, contributing to some of the sport's most memorable moments. Beyond the octagon, he has carved out a niche with his widely popular podcast, where he recently delved into an intriguing chapter of his life – the near-realization of an MMA showdown against none other than Hollywood actor Wesley Snipes.

In a recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, the veteran commentator shed light on the almost-forgotten tale. Rogan, known for his candid expression, humorously remarked,

"I think because he knew I was going to kill him."

Initially, Snipes, presumably underestimating Rogan's martial prowess, believed he could thwart takedowns and emerge victorious. Rogan, however, set the record straight, revealing his credentials as a taekwondo champion and kickboxer, emphasizing his superiority in stand-up fighting.

The plot thickened as negotiations progressed, with Rogan recounting,

"I don't know what happened, but there was a bunch of different demands." The financial aspect became a sticking point, starting at a proposed 50/50 split and evolving into a 60/40 split in Snipes' favor. Rogan, ever willing to make the fight happen, agreed to all terms.
He humorously declared, "Give me just this amount of money and give him whatever else the f—k you want. I'm like, I'm going to f—king strangle that guy, let me get a hold of him. It never happened."

And so, the much-anticipated clash between Joe Rogan and Wesley Snipes remains a tale of what could have been, buried in the annals of unrealized MMA matchups.


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