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John Cena Returns To WWE

John Cena made a shocking return to the WWE Sunday night at Money in the Bank to challenge current Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

Little did anyone know that John Cena would suddenly return to the WWE. John Cena's sudden appearance and the screams of the spectators were proof that John Cena's spectators were eagerly awaiting his return.

Since Cena has not recently been a big player in the WWE, when he showed up at Money in the Bank, the live audience greeted John Cena loudly. The amazing appearance came at the end of the night when Roman Reigns successfully defended the Universal Championship against the Edge.

Cena spent a lot of time in the arms of the fans before taunting Reigns with his trademark "You can't see me" hand gesture.

Cena hasn’t been a regular performer in Vince McMahon’s company for several years owing to his ever-expanding commitments in Hollywood. He’s long since confirmed his days as a full-time wrestler are over, but it appears he’s at least set to spend the rest of the summer back in the ring.

Ahead of their proposed Universal Championship match at SummerSlam next month, John Cena picked up a huge win over SmackDown star Roman Reigns in six-man tag action.

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