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John Ryder: More Than a Moral Victory Against Canelo Alvarez, Fights Will Come

John Ryder: More Than a Moral Victory Against Canelo Alvarez, Fights Will Come

John Ryder's recent fight against Canelo Alvarez may have resulted in a unanimous decision loss, but the British boxer emerged with much more than just a moral victory. Despite facing a highly skilled and dominant opponent, Ryder's performance showcased his resilience and determination, earning him the respect of both fans and industry insiders. Promoter Eddie Hearn believes that Ryder's commendable showing against Alvarez will open doors to significant opportunities and potential matchups with elite fighters. Let's explore how Ryder's stock has risen in defeat and the potential avenues that lie ahead for the determined fighter.

A Competitive Battle Against Alvarez:

Last Saturday night at Estadio Akron in Guadalajara, Mexico, Canelo Alvarez returned to his homeland after 12 years to face John Ryder. The event was attended by over 50,000 fans, highlighting the significance of the occasion. Alvarez, the undisputed champion at 168 pounds, dropped Ryder once during the fight and broke his nose early on. The judges' scorecards reflected Alvarez's dominance, with scores of 120-107, 118-109, and 118-109 in favor of the Mexican champion.

Ryder's Resilience and Late-Round Surge:

Although the scorecards may suggest a one-sided contest, Ryder refused to wilt under Alvarez's assault. He showcased his resilience by weathering the storm in the early rounds, and as the fight progressed, he made things interesting by mounting a spirited comeback. Notably, in the later rounds, when Alvarez showed signs of fatigue, Ryder took advantage and displayed his skills, proving that he belonged in the ring with one of the sport's best pound-for-pound fighters.

Earning Recognition and Potential Opportunities:

Promoter Eddie Hearn, who oversees both Alvarez and Ryder, believes that John's valiant effort against Canelo will significantly raise his stock in defeat. Hearn anticipates a surge in interest from elite fighters who may view Ryder as a measuring stick in comparison to Alvarez. One potential opponent Hearn has in mind is former middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin, who could provide Ryder with a high-profile matchup.

Additionally, the middleweight division presents numerous opportunities for Ryder, with several vacant titles up for grabs. Hearn mentions the possibility of a big fight against an American name, such as WBC middleweight titlist Jermall Charlo or former two-division titlist and 168-pound contender Demetrius Andrade. Ryder's increased profile in the United States makes him an enticing option for these top-tier opponents seeking to make a statement against Alvarez.

Looking Ahead:

While the defeat against Alvarez was undoubtedly tough, John Ryder should be proud of his performance and recognize his standing as a world-class fighter. The experience gained from going 12 rounds with Canelo will undoubtedly make him an attractive opponent for future matchups. Ryder's determination and resilience have impressed the boxing community, solidifying his place among the elite in his weight class.


John Ryder's battle with Canelo Alvarez may have ended in defeat, but it was far from a setback. Ryder's courageous performance against one of boxing's best has elevated his stock and opened doors to potential high-profile matchups. Promoter Eddie Hearn believes that Ryder's name and profile have risen in America, making him an enticing option for elite fighters seeking to prove themselves against Alvarez. As Ryder continues his career, he should take pride in his world-class abilities and remain confident that there are many exciting opportunities awaiting him in the ring.


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