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Johnny Eblen: The Controversial Bellator Champ's Clash with Fabian Edwards and UFC's Leon Edwards

Johnny Eblen, though not a household name in the world of mixed martial arts, has certainly made waves in the MMA community with his recent victory at Bellator 299 in Dublin. The American fighter extended his undefeated streak to an impressive 14-0, successfully defending his Bellator middleweight title against Fabian Edwards. However, it was not just Eblen's victory that made headlines; it was the controversy that followed.

Amid a brutal ground and pound that led to the stoppage of the fight, Eblen found himself at the center of a storm. An eagle-eyed spectator captured the moment and claimed that Eblen had spat on his opponent in the heat of the battle. The footage, shared on social media, had fans and pundits debating whether Eblen's actions were intentional or simply a result of the intense emotions that often accompany such high-stakes fights.

But the drama didn't end in the cage. Following the fight's conclusion, Eblen boldly approached the older brother of his opponent, UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards. Eblen's mouth seemed to form the words, "You're next" as he stared down the UFC champ. The timing couldn't have been more intriguing, as Leon Edwards is currently scheduled to face Colby Covington at UFC 296.

During his post-fight press conference, Johnny Eblen addressed the incident, displaying a mix of emotions. "A lot of emotions, bro," Eblen admitted when questioned about the confrontation with Leon Edwards. Despite his earlier intensity, Eblen expressed his hopes that Edwards would defeat Colby Covington when they face off later in the year. He didn't mince words when it came to Covington, stating, "I f****** hate Colby. That dude sucks."

Eblen didn't stop there. He openly discussed his desire to compete against Leon Edwards in the future, despite the difference in weight classes.

"I want to fight him, too," Eblen declared. "He's one of the best guys in the world, and I want to prove I'm one of the best in the world. You have to fight everybody. He's not in my weight class, but he might move up to 185 eventually."

Interestingly, Eblen revealed that he had approached Edwards after their in-cage confrontation and extended an apology.

"I went over after and said, 'Sorry my emotions were high.' I squashed the beef. I don't have anything wrong with him. I just want to fight the guy."


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