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Jon Jones arrested for domestic violence after UFC Hall of Fame ceremony

We don't know the whole story yet and will keep tabs as this unfolds but so far we know that early Friday morning, after attending the UFC Hall of Fame ceremony. Jon Jones was arrested for domestic violence and vehicle tampering.

Let's hope this is just one of those situations where an argument gets way overhyped and not a situation where Jon Jones got hostile with someone whose not a fighter. Jones has been working very hard to get back in the cage. Many are looking up to him. Those who commit domestic violence aren't what we should look up to or condone.

His bail is set at $8,000 and he will appear before a court on Saturday. Jones representative - Richard Schaefer told ESPN "The facts are still developing. We really don't know the full story so I'm not going to make a comment until I have a chance to talk to Jon and until we see how this plays out."

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