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Jon Jones - Return Of The Bones

Jon Jones is still considered one of the best pound per pound MMA fighters in the world. The UFC still has him at the top of their historical rankings. The guy is an absolute monster and many anxiously await his return to the octagon.

Jon Jones says he'll likely return in 2022. He's been strictly training to increase his muscle mass enough to compete in the heavyweight division. He has his eyes set on being a fast moving heavy hitter, which is already what we got used to seeing as he dominated the light heavyweight divison.

The UFC is already in talks about who Jon Jones will be facing. Jones is already turning down fights with the likes of Stipe Miocic. Earlier this year Jones was talking about a 30 million dollar fight with Francis Ngannou, which Dana White shot down.

Since Jones will be entering a new weight class he will still likely have to climb some ranks before facing the top dog. We can only imagine how explosive his heavyweight debut in 2022 will be. We're ready for it! What do you think? How will Jon Jones do at heavyweight and who should he fight?


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