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Jon Jones to Mark Zuckerberg: I’ll train you for Elon Musk

If Mark Zuckerberg is committed to taking on Elon Musk, he has just secured some of the best support to help him prepare for the struggle that lies ahead.

One of the best MMA fighters of all time and current UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones has endorsed both the CEO of Meta and the co-founder of Facebook in case Musk does decide to challenge him to a fight.

After Zuckerberg and Musk began joking around on Twitter about getting into a fight, Jones sent his reply.

“You already know I am Team Zuck,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “Let me know if you need a training partner!”

Whether it was deliberate or not, Jones' tweet on Zuckerberg is a double blow to his intended rival because Musk shelled over $44 billion to acquire the social networking site.

In the meantime, Zuckerberg made his money co-founding Facebook with some undergraduate pals, some of whom went on to sue him in a tale that was subsequently dramatised in the movie The Social Network.

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