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Jonathan Haggerty vs. Felipe Lobo: Settling Personal Scores in ONE Fight Night 19 Showdown

Jonathan Haggerty Felipe Lobo
Jonathan Haggerty vs. Felipe Lobo

In a clash that transcends the quest for glory, Jonathan Haggerty is set to defend his ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title against #3 ranked contender Felipe Lobo in the main event of ONE Fight Night 19. The high-stakes spectacle, airing live on Prime Video from the historic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, on February 16, promises to be more than a championship bout—it's a personal vendetta.

The animosity between Haggerty and Lobo reached a boiling point after Haggerty's historic victory over ONE Bantamweight MMA World Champion Fabricio Andrade last year. What started as a gesture of sportsmanship from Haggerty towards Andrade's corner, where Lobo served, escalated into a heated exchange.

“After I beat Andrade, he was in the corner, and I just told him straight, ‘You don’t want it,’” Haggerty recounted.

Now, the stage is set for these rivals to settle their personal differences inside the ring. Haggerty, a two-sport ONE World Champion, is determined to give Lobo a resounding defeat.

“It’s not every day the champion is calling out a top contender. It should be the other way around. I just can’t wait to give him a beating. That’s all,” Haggerty expressed.

Despite the personal animosity, Haggerty acknowledges Lobo as a deserving challenger and anticipates a clash of styles that favors him.

“Lobo deserves it. There’s respect there in the fighter sense. I just feel like we’re going to jell well. His style is perfect for me. He’s a perfect target for me, and I just can’t wait to throw down with him,” Haggerty said.

Confident in his abilities, Haggerty believes he has the ideal strategy to overcome his Brazilian adversary. “The General” is poised to implement a relentless plan of attack, testing Lobo's resilience against his pressure and strikes.

"If you put it on him, he doesn’t like it, and he’s going to crumble. I bring that style where I’m going to put it on you until the bell goes, so I’m just wondering how he’s going to cope with my pressure and my strikes,” Haggerty asserted.

ONE Fight Night 19 promises not only a clash for the ONE Bantamweight Muay Thai World Title but also the resolution of a personal rivalry that has been brewing for too long.


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