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Jorge Masvidal admits to being involved in a fight during UFC China event

Former BMF champion Jorge Masvidal has revealed that he was involved in a bathroom brawl during a UFC China event.

Masvidal (35-17 MMA) left the UFC this year in April. At UFC 287, the 38-year-old's bout against Gilbert Burns was his final in the Octagon.

This would be 'Gamebred's' fourth straight defeat. The two-time UFC title contender and former "BMF" champion has a history of encounters outside the Octagon as well.

Masvidal revealed on 'The MMA Hour' that the strangest place he'd ever been into a fight was a toilet in a nightclub in China:

“Definitely, probably, a public bathroom. I got assaulted in one. These three guys, they weren’t the wisest and whatever.”
“I was actually in China…. three random European guys. I was in the bathroom. I had a nice chain on at the time and I was waiting in line to wash my hands.
These guys are behind me and somebody picks up my chain with their fingers and turns to his friend and starts saying something in a language that I’m not understanding, and I turn around very politely and I go, ‘Hey, relax, bro. It’s all good’. And I go forward to get away, because he’s literally grabbing my chain. Like, I’ve never seen you in my life, you can’t do that.”
“Then I’m here, I’m looking in the reflection in the mirror, and the guy goes like this (jerks hand in the air) and lifts up my chain like an a**hole, and he says something to me in whatever language he was speaking.
So I was like, I know what’s going to happen next. If these guys keep doing this, they’re going to take everything I’ve got, so when I turned around, the guy got in my face and then yeah, it was like a sleeping bomb went off in there.”


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