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Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland almost collide in the Hotel

Although they aren't in a fight, Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland came close to starting UFC 287 a few days early in Miami.

The welterweights were separated by security at the host hotel on Wednesday, though it appears there was no physical altercation, only a verbal one.

A short video of the fighters shouting at each other leaked on social media, with UFC security holding them apart.

“Let me just say it,” Holland said on Instagram after the video surfaced. “Before that video’s gonna come out, they’re probably gonna do an opponent change again.”

There's no indication on what sparked the incident, but sources told that the fight was "nothing significant" and that neither fighter threw a punch.

According to sources, UFC security was already aware of a developing feud between Holland and Masvidal and took precautions to ensure they didn't go too close to one other before their fights on Saturday.


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