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Jorge Masvidal: “I’ll never say that I’ll never come back”

Masvidal announced his retirement from fighting last month at UFC 287 in his native Miami, Florida, following his fourth straight defeat. Despite a valiant effort, "Gamebred" was ultimately unable to defeat "Durinho's" all-around game as he won by a unanimous decision.

It was Masvidal's (35-17) 52nd fight, and despite no longer being a competitor, he is still well-established in the combat sports community.

The 38-year-old experienced welterweight, who is the head of Gamebred FC and Gamebred Boxing, is concentrating on his promotional duties. Although it is intended to keep things that way, Masvidal will not rule out the possibility of returning.

“I love this sport so f****** much, bro. I love it so much,” Masvidal told ESPN. “As people would assume, I cried for many days after retirement. Not because I’m f****** so hurt, this and that, it’s because I love this sport.
Since 11, 12 years old this is all I did. Whether it was in a karate class then after that I went to a kung-fu class, but I’ve been training once or twice a day every day for this.
Waking up just in love with what I do and being in love with the same thing for 20 years. There’s so much love and passion in my heart.
“I’ll never say like, ‘I’ll never come back’ because I love this sport so much. I have so many great memories that just fill me and will stay with me forever about this sport. So, I’ll never say I can’t come back.”

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