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Jorge Masvidal Prediction for Paul V Woodley

Jorge Masvidal is a seasoned MMA fighter. The dude has competed in Bellator, Strikeforce, and other promotions while he is currently under the UFC. At 35-15-0 the guy stands somewhere to make fight predictions. At least more so than your cousin who tries to coach fights from his couch while eating chips.

Jorge was on The MMA Hour, and said -

“Woodley can throw them hands. Ben Askren never could. So it's like you've got a guy that can fight if it's slingin' fists. Woodley could have made his money grappling, which he did. He was good enough of an athlete, and he was good enough of an athlete to make his money with his hands to knock people the f*** out. So I don’t think... I know Jake's never been in there with a guy like that, that's explosive, is a good athlete, and has a ton of experience over him. So if Jake wins, f***ing wild, my hat's off to him, I was wrong, I don't know s*** about fighting, but chances are - Woodley’s going to knock him the f*** out.”

Jake Paul is a 3-0 boxer who got his start making videos on the Vines app and then Youtube. He's come under lot's of scrutiny for not challenging fighters on his level, although Tyron Woodley is a good bit smaller than Jake Paul and a good bit older. This matchup may shut down people's criticism for Jake as Tyron is a beast with a 19-7-1 MMA record.

What do you think fight fans? Who is going to win?


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