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Jorge Masvidal Teases March return to the UFC following cancellation of Leon Edwards grudge match

UFC superstar Jeorge Masvidel will be seen in action again inside the Octagon in March. Masvidel who has not been seen in Octagon for almost a year. His last fight was last April at UFC 261 against welterweight champion Kumaro Usman. The American top team standout has not stepped inside the cage since the knockout defeat at the hands of Usman. He was booked to play Leon Edwards in UFC 269 last month but had to withdraw from his long-awaited bout with Burt due to injury. And 'Badest Motherf *** er in the Game' apparently is now targeting a spot on the UFC 272 card, scheduled for March 12 in Las Vegas. On New Year's Day, Game Brad tweeted: "March 3 0 5." Fans' favorite Masvidel, 37, was ruled out of his impending showdown with Edwards with a rib injury. But the MMA doctor recently revealed that he is back to full fitness and ready to go. "I'm off the injury list, and these little bitches don't want to sign the contract," he said. "The contract has been given, it's on their face, they know I'm off the injury list. "I'm trying to get some pay. But in the meantime, since I can't rip these bitches, I'm going to rip these mountains." In a direct message to Edwards, Masvidel added: "Oh, for the one in England who is talking. "You too, man, come on, one of you signs the dotted line, come on man. "Yes, I will embarrass you and kick you out. "But you guys are going to make a lot of money in the process." Following the cancellation of his clash with Masvidel, Edwards revealed on the farm that he would sit tight for the title shot and get out. However, Sun Sport believes that UFC Brass has reached out to Broome about a possible return to action in March. UFC President Dana White recently revealed that Promotions wants to book AdWords 'soon', saying: "No [not yet], not yet. "We are now working on the battles until mid-April. The question arises as to whose hand you see rising,? will Masvidal be able to lead his car back to victory after his last knockout defeat?


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